We Are The Sample Company.

All Feel, No Hype.

The Sample Company creates detailed virtual instruments and samples embedded with emotion.

Breathe Life Into Your Music.

Our mission is to bring life to your music through hi-res-workhorse tools that capture every feeling in detail. We all know that lifeless sounds = lifeless production. This is why our goal is to make listeners feel something every time they hear one of our products. Our products seamlessly fit alongside current production – raising the quality of your work, giving you the power to create faster, and breathing new life into your music.

Workhorse Tools For The Critical Listener.

All of our products are recorded to be future-proof, both in resolution and style. Years from now we want our customers to still be finding ways to use and be inspired by our sounds. When you pair this pursuit of high-detail recording with in-demand musicians, producers, and composers, the result is beyond special. The best way to describe it is: fresh sounds straight from the hands of tastemakers, but presented in a timeless way that you will be able to use in your projects for years to come.

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